Meet the Creator of

Project Vintage’s

Custom Designer Furniture

I'm Julie Hickman with Project Vintage US. For many years, I had a career in human resources and customer service. All during this time, I loved experimenting with designing my personal space. I began to see how I could change the appearance of a room with color, style, and furniture placement. This began my journey into creating custom designer furniture. 

Accordingly, six years ago, I began Project Vintage to help clients define their space. Picking just the right home furnishing creates a focal point while reflecting your individuality and personality. Moreover, furniture will balance a room while providing orientation into its purpose. With the power of aesthetics, the right piece can make your space attractive and comforting. My overall goal is to create something with a distinctive flair you’ll not find anywhere else.


It's All about Reimagining and Renewal

Ultimately, I became drawn to reimagining vintage furniture pieces. These timeless pieces offer exceptional craftmanship for longevity. Moreover, keeping these pieces alive helps maintain stories of the past. When I reimagine a forgotten antique, it enjoys new life as a stunning work of art.

First, not just any old piece of furniture will do. I carefully curate my pieces, looking for quality construction and classical lines. Next, I consider each possibility for the transformation to achieve the finest rendition. Each piece has a personality demanding thoughtful consideration.

Finally, I can begin my journey. Tools in hand, I begin the modifications resulting in profound transformation. Of course, inspirational background music and an endless cup of coffee are essentials for the adventure.

Unlocking the hidden potential requires relentless attention to detail. Beautifying, upcycling, and reinvigorating furniture introduces new opportunities. Sometimes, the piece requires a structural change. Other times, simple cosmetic changes unlock its grandeur.

Designer Furniture

Can Express Your Style

Ultimately, your residence is a blank canvas to express your individuality. If you’re drawn to unconventional taste with whimsical and romantic sensibilities, I am ready to collaborate with you! We can start a conversation about the type of piece you want by completing my contact form. From there, we can begin collecting our tools for the adventure.

If you prefer to see my designer furniture firsthand, Consign & Design showcases many of my finished pieces. It’s conveniently located at the eastern edge of Ohio, near the Pennsylvania border. Located at 11 West McKinley Way Poland, Ohio, both Boardman and Youngstown are just minutes away.