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Project Vintage US

 New Life to Old Furniture

Acquire your unique piece of history in Poland, Ohio

Are you looking for distinctive artisan furniture to express your individuality and personality? Project Vintage gives new life to old furniture.


Introducing Project Vintage

Looking for something unique to brighten up space in your home?

Tired of the same, conventional, unimaginative pieces of furniture?

It's all about reimagining and renewal

 Over the past six years, Project Vintage has been reimagining, reinvigorating, and restoring life into forgotten vintage furniture. Inside each piece of history lies possibility, hidden potential, and inner beauty. As restoration begins, these timeless items become stunning works of art.

Tables, chairs, cabinets – the possibilities for your restored piece are endless. Collaborations are always welcome so that your style emerges. Your piece can have a retro, modern, or classic design.

If possibility, hidden potential, and creative expression pique your interest and spark joy within, beauty is bound to be found. The journey into furniture art has just begun.


Acquire Artisan Furniture to Create a Stunning Focal Point

Your residence is more than just where you live. It’s a place to express your individuality and personality. One way to express your sense of style is through your choice of home furnishings. Aquiring distinctive artisan furniture can create the image you seek.

Yet, finding that one-of-a-kind piece to create texture and contrast can be elusive. Try as you might, somehow you just can’t find what you want.


Power of Transformation

Visualize and Conceptualize

Every project introduces new opportunities and aspirations for improvement. Does the piece need simple cosmetic touches or would it benefit from a more drastic approach or structural change? Both small changes and larger-scale modifications can result in profound transformations.

How I create Artisan Furniture


1940's Radio Cabinet

It all starts with the hunt for the diamond in the rough. I carefully hand-select vintage pieces cast aside and forgotten. With its beautiful lines, classic shape, and solid wood construction, vintage furniture is also a piece of the past.

I know I’ve found that perfect piece when the voice in my head says, “that’s the one!” Then, I start thinking of the endless possibilities and potential.


IMG_20200212_105450_088 (1).jpg

Carefully crafted vintage furniture has a personality of its own.  Patience is necessary to unlock its inner beauty and potential. As I become acquainted with each piece, I visualize the best possible version.



With artisan furniture, every detail is crucial. Structural alteration, fabric, color, and pattern must seamlessly blend to create the finished item. I reveal the finished piece only after I’ve examined and addressed every facet and component.


Sensibility Quote

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

Ready to Collaborate to Create Your Custom Furnishing?

Begin by browsing a selection of my work.  Additionally, you can view many of my pieces at Consign & Design located at 11 West McKinley Way Poland, Ohio.

Then, fill out the contact form below with as many details as possible. Tell me the type of furniture, style, and colors you want. From there, we can begin a dialogue to create an expression of your individuality.



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